Cannon's Canon of Orchestral Music

I love orchestral music.

I also love making lists.

And so, I have merged these loves to create the present list of noteworthy orchestral music.

Cannon's Canon of Orchestral Music

Last week, a friend and singer in Cascadian Chorale, Trevor Tsang, asked casually on Facebook if anyone had a list of must-hear orchestral works, as he wanted to devote some covid quarantine time to exploring the genre. I responded with a list of about 400 works, prioritized into three levels. Then another Cascadian friend, Doug Wyatt, offered several magnificent suggestions. And the conversation continued. No doubt tomorrow morning it would change yet again, but I think this will suffice as is. At least for now.

The present document includes over 1400 works, ranked into five levels. Do not let the total number intimidate. I would invite anyone to use as much or as little of this list as they prefer. But if you have a hankerin' to expand your exposure to orchestral music, this list might provide some framework for your explorations.