Ten Albums

May 27, 2020By cannonesqueAutobiography, Music, Observations, Recordings

One of the things I love about Facebook is the opportunity to share and to learn from another’s sharing. Despite its various problems, Facebook succeeds at bringing many people closer than they might otherwise. This is especially the case for us classical musicians, who tend to be an introspective bunch, but who are also deeply … Read More

Cannon’s Canon of Orchestral Music

May 22, 2020By cannonesqueMusic, Observations

I love orchestral music. I also love making lists. And so, I have merged these loves to create the present list of noteworthy orchestral music. Cannon’s Canon of Orchestral Music Last week, a friend and singer in Cascadian Chorale, Trevor Tsang, asked casually on Facebook if anyone had a list of must-hear orchestral works, as … Read More